Accredited Property Services has the relocation  and property service experience to assist with all aspects of home repair and transition services throughout the Midwest. In addition to our staff of experienced and licensed  personnel we maintain  relationships with  real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, and contractors to handle all of our client’s relocation and property needs. We continue to expand our network in an effort to meet the needs of clients throughout the Midwest.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

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Assisting With The Home And Transition

Professional licensed and insured Company assisting clients with multiple home and transition services...

We understand the challenges that come with transitioning from one home to another. We can manage all aspects of making that difficult move so you can worry about more important things.

After the move we can arrange an estate sale, a clean out, donations, and get the home ready to sell  - all with one phone call. What  we do requires experience, commitment, and the dependability  our clients have come to depend on - all with one call.  Contact us today for a no cost consultation

Accredited Property Services &

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Availability - Your move and transition is our priority. You can count on our staff of professionals.

Budget - We are the least expensive with the best in service. We work within your budget.

Commitment - Clients tell us they appreciate our commitment and attention to detail.

Dependable - You can count on us. We work hard to maintain our established reputation for great service.

Our Services Assist With

Your Home and Transitions

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With One Phone Call

Our Services:

•Packing and Moving Services

•Un-packing After The Move

•Arrange Donations | Resale

•Estate Sale Services

•Final Clean up | Clean out

Our Services:

•Minor | Major Repairs

•Interior | Exterior Painting  

•Exterior | Interior Maintenance

•Licensed Builder

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Our Services:

•Individual Home | Condo

•Vacant Property Management

•Property Renovations

•Manage Property The Process

•Midwest | Local | Affordable

•Our Services:

•No Cost Consultation

•Staging For Property Sale

•Managing Property

•Making Life A Little Easier

Accredited  Property Services and Relocation Assistance assisting clients with property, moving and transitions in Michigan. And the Midwest Our Services assist with all your relocation needs from one home to another in Michigan - packing, moving services, unpacking, estate sale services,  clean-out donations, property management, and more. Accredited  Property Services 810.588.0115.

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